Open/Close Multiple Inserts Key Command


I recently came across this short video that explains how to open/close multiple inserts with the Ctrl-Alt-Shift then click on “e” for edit channel settings to open and close all inserts.

Unfortunately, it does not work here with the “e” Key Command for some reason. Any idea why? Does anyone know what the name of the actual key command for this is? I’d like to assign this to a single key command and include this in macros etc…


You have to click on that E in the inspector with the mouse and those key modifiers which you mentioned pressed. There is not key command for it unfortunately, but you can use Auto Hot Key to make a script that moves the mouse and clicks on that E with Alt / Shift pressed at the same time. Auto Hot Key definitely solves most issues that Cubase doesn’t have native key commands for.

But what we really need is any and all of these, should have an equal key command and generic remote command.
THAT would be so awesome.
AHK is a great tool, but can get very long haired, when taking screen resolution and position into account.

Thanks guys,

Kind of weird that it’s not included in the key commands. But then again I’m not surprised. It makes no sens but I’ve come to expect that from a DAW that does not have a triplet grid in the audio warp, midi channel reset on stop, etc… etc… Reaper Actions are so much more versatile. I wish Steinberg would give more attention to small but very important details instead of trying to impress us with new stuff every year. Time to fix your DAW Steinberg.

I guess I’ll look into AHK but I’m tired of fighting with bad design.

AHK works well thanks for the advice. I’ll have to look a few things up but I found this thread that has a very cool script for inserting plugings to slots.

I simply needed to add a few lines to point to the right plugin.

So here’s how I open Console 1 with it.

!1:: ; Alt+1 hotkey.
Sleep 50
SendEvent {Alt up}
GoSub, SelIns
Send, Console
Send, {enter}
Send, e

I’ll post the right script here when I find out how to close/open all plungins. Should not be too hard.

Nice! If you figure out open all plug-ins that would be killer.