Open Cubase VST24 files in Windows 10?


I have a lot of songs created in Cubase VST24 for Mac in the late nineties. Now I run Windows and I have no Cubase licenses. I don’t think I have the license for the old Cubase VST24 that I used when creating the songs. It’s long gone.

Today I downloaded and installed Cubase SE 3 for Windows thinking it would be free since it’s so old. But it seems I can’t start it without a license. I have installed eLicenser Control Center, but that does me no good since I still need a license of some sort.

Is there any way that I can try to rescue all of my old Cubase VST24 songs without purchasing a license for Cubase? If not, is there a license that is not that expensive? I don’t use Cubase for music - I just want to import and rescue my old songs somehow.

Thanks in advance!

/Thomas Kahn