Open edit (MIDI & audio part) and centre with a little border - macro!

Hi folks,

It really bugs me that when you open a MIDI or audio part, it’s either zoomed in in a way you don’t want, or is zoomed all the way out, so you’re not really sure (without looking where the part borders are) if you’re seeing the whole clip.

So i found a macro to solve it.

The macro is:

command 1: Edit - Open
command 2: Zoom - Zoom Full

This will open the part, show the whole thing, centre it, and give a little border space, regardless of where your cursor is in the timeline.

I prefer this visually (having a little free space outside the part border).

Perhaps there’s a built in command that does this but i can’t find it, so if so, let me know!

Or any other tips for improving the visuals when editing would also be appreciated.