"Open Effect Editor After Loading It" -- tweak request

In the Preferences, there is an option called “Open Effect Editor After Loading It” (Preferences --> VST – Plug-ins). It will automatically open the instrument/effect as soon as you instantiate it. This is what you want 99% of the time, since it is assumed that after loading an instrument you want to do something with it :wink: It saves you the extra step of having to hunt down the track and click the open instrument/effect button. Very useful!

However – it only works if you use the VST Instrument Rack, or you change the instrument / effect in an already instantiated track. It doesn’t work if you add an Instrument or FX track from the Add Track dialog and explicitly choose an instrument / effect from that dialog. So you have to hunt the track down and press the button to open the panel. Ideally the appropriate instrument/effect should always open, regardless of how you instantiate it.

For example if I add an Instrument track and choose Kontakt, I will always have to open Kontakt if I want to hear any sound!

See what I mean? Anyone else think this could use a tweak?

Correction – it does seem to work with FX, just not Instruments.