OPEN FOLDER = on specific folders only


the OPEN/CLOSE FOLDER shortcut is done on all folders in session.
it’s stupid. If you’r using folders most likely it’s because you like your session to be organised and clear.
opening a folder to works in you don’t need all folders in session to toogle to “OPEN” and then you’r lost.

request =
allow function OPEN/CLOSE FOLDER to only work on visible and/or selected folders only or add it to the.
or add a | container type is | equal | SELECTED | in Project Logical Editor so we can use the Track Operation | Folder | open function.

please +1 if you like the idea.

What about the Open Selected Folder and Close Selected Folder commands? Might you find these less stupid? :wink:

yes. where is it ?
“Open Selected Folder” gives no answer in manual and i don’t see this in key commands.

Oops. It’s a Project Logical Preset I created.

Thx i didn’t knew about the proprety is set function.
it works.