Open GL graphics

My list of plugins that make the GUI of Cubase choke is growing and growing (mostly if you have opened more than 1 version of the plugin at the same time). More than 1 developer has complained that Steinberg uses a different method than other DAW developers when I contact the support of the VST company. Soothe and Shaperbox among others now have an option to disable Open GL that solves this problem.
I have noticed in my cases that most plugins that are affected by this problem are modern plugins and some of them even communicate with other versions of the same plugin like Sonnox Claro.

So I guess the question is: are Steinberg smarter than the rest or are they not up to date in the way they handle graphics? I am just curious what are the reasons why Cubase got these problems with plugins that other hosts don’t have?

I am not into computer programming, but I find it interesting why these differences exist. Are there some logical answers or is this just random?

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I’ve got the same problem since moved to BigSur on mac. In Mojave Claro was doing well.

Hi - did anyone get any further info on this? I have the same issue with 2 x Plugs now, Trackspacer v2.5 and Sonible Tru:Balance. Both are lacking waveform/spectrums etc.

I am in dialogue with both Sonible & Wavesfactory.


Trackspacer works just fine for me and never was a problem

Thanks for sharing this topic.

When using plugins that utilize OpenGL, if two or more plugin windows are open and a certain operation is performed, all the plugin windows become white, causing Cubase to freeze and crash. The specific operations that trigger this issue are:

  1. Setting Cubase to an inactive window state.
  2. Bringing Cubase back to an active window.

Plugins like soothe2 or Softube that offer an option to disable OpenGL have workarounds, which is fortunate. However, the problem lies with iZotope plugins. If both Ozone 9 Maximizer and Ozone 9 Vintage Tape are displayed simultaneously and simply browsing the internet using Chrome, the project file will inevitably crash.

Does anyone else have an issue with Cenozoix compressor? Totally unresponsive GUI that updates really slowly and misses most mouse messages. It was working ok the 1st time I tried it a few weeks back but no longer, even with only 1 instance in the project and wthout playback. It just appears their GUI thread does not get serviced correctly. I don’t have issues with other plugins apart from Softube which I’ve ababdoned due to a different problem, they worked smooth and fine but deadlock… and it’s not a Cubase issue.

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I don’t have Cubase, but I have an issue with it and now Kirchhoff EQ in FL Studio
the more instances there are of it, the worse it gets for both of them