Open GUI Instances (Inserts) on Cubase with Controllers MIDI (Icon Qcon ProG2)

Hi, I wanted to know if it was possible to open the Instances of the Inserts loaded on the Cubase mixer from iCon,

From the iCon pro g2 I have the possibility to see the selected insert, with the encoder 1 I can move between the various slots of the channel, with the encoder 2 I can activate or deactivate the insert and with the 'encoder 3 I can change the type of insert

Then, scrolling through the pages of the iCon pro g2 I can check all the parameters of the selected insert, both with the pro g2 and with the ex g2

I wonder, however, how it is possible not to be able to open the graphic instance of the insert through some command, I always have to do it by hand on the daw (with the mouse) and this is very inconvenient in a fast workflow, can you help me?

ICon Support answered me like this:

"I am afraid it is not possible to launch the GUI of a plug in easily in Cubase with a generic controller such as the G2.
This is an anomaly of Cubase, unfortunately. "


It is possible. Do you use the old Mackie Control, or do you make own MIDI Remote Device in the Mapping Assistant, please?

Hi, I use the mackie control, I have attached the photo with the current settings in cubase, I use the iCon qcon pro g2 + iCon EXG2

I am attaching photos of the iCon management program, if it can be useful


Then assign the:

  • F1 key to Mixer > Selected > Ins. 1 > Edit
  • F2 key to Mixer > Selected > Ins. 2 > Edit
  • F3 key to Mixer > Selected > Ins. 3 > Edit


Perfect I was able to assign to the F3 and F4 keys of the iCon ProG2 the EDIT command of the ins. 1 and 2, etc.

But I don’t understand why I can’t do it with the “mackie control”, as seen in the photo on the left, but I can only assign these commands via the “generic control surface”

Thanks for your invaluable help

Hi, iCon support told me that generic control surface maybe deleted on cubase 12, is this news true?

If so then,on cubase 12 will I always be able to map my iCon as it is currently mapped via generic control surface?

Thanks Dave


Generic Remote is still part of Cubase 12. But it’s marked as Legacy, because it has been replaced by the new MIDI Remote API.

What does “Legacy” mean?
however from what i understand the generic surface will work just the same as it does now on my cubase 11, right?


Most probably it’s going to be removed in some of the upcoming versions. So if you don’t have any Generic Remote Revive yet, it’s recommended to use the new API. Of you have some already, in C12 it’s going to work the same as it worked in C11.

ok thanks

However I still don’t understand why you can’t map the “inserts edit” parameters to the mackie control