Open Halion Sonic SE 3 preset in Logic Pro X

I would like to be able to save a Halion Sonic SE 3 preset that I create while using Dorico 4.2, and then open this preset from within an instance of Halion Sonic SE 3 within Logic Pro X.

Is this possible?

I’m guessing not: saving a preset from within the instance loaded into Dorico creates a binary “.vstpreset” file, while loading presets into an instance within Logic Pro appears to filter the Open Preset File for text files with a “.aupreset” extension. In other words, the AU and VST plugin versions of Halion Sonic SE 3 do not appear to share a common file format for preset files.

Is this a limitation of the ‘SE’ version?

If so, does a more advanced version of Halion Sonic support sharing of presets between the different packaging of the instrumen?

If not, might his be a reasonable feature request for a future enhancement?

(Context: I wish to create and preview scores in Dorico 4, then export the midi data and import into Logic Pro x for further editing and mixing, but exploit the same set of instruments sounds in both applications. Further, I wish to to be able to invest in additional sample library packs from Steinberg that I can use from both Dorico and Logic Pro X. Which version of Halion do I need to be able to do this as easily as possible?)