Open hi hat playback (and alt snare hits)

Hi all,
I know it’s been covered before - but I can’t make this work. I am using a 3rd party library (Native Instruments vintage drummer). I have programmed the percussion library, with the open hihat assigned to the right midi note and the technique “open 2.”

Then, in “edit percussion kit,” I highlight the hihat, and choose “edit percussion playing techniques.” I think this is where I get lost.

I don’t even remember what the default setup was, because I’ve tried so many times.
Right now - I see two note heads in the top frame, both Xs (and I get the warning “!The appearance for this playing technique is not unique”

I am actually going to just attach screenshots of this dialogue, with the closed and open hi hat highlighted - it’s too tedious to explain.

I have gone into engraving options, and set up the unhitched percussion so I can type “hho” to get the right playback symbol in the popover, but I can’t for the life of me get the open hihat to play back correctly.

It can’t be this complicated. What am I missing?

Somehow I got the hihat open to work (by deleting all extra note types).
But there is absolutely nothing I can do to get snare cross sticks, side sticks, rim shots, or anything to work. Same issue - I have the noteheads defined appropriately, and the percussion map, but when I change the noteheads in the score, I get no alteration.

Are you changing noteheads in the music by selecting the notes and choosing a notehead from the Edit > Notehead submenu? If so, that’s where you’re going wrong: you need to change the noteheads by choosing the playing techniques you’ve mapped in the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog. See here.

Oh bless you, Daniel. I knew I was missing a critical piece - that link is exactly what I needed (and somehow couldn’t find).