Open hi hat symbol

I have question about open hi hat notehead. I saw in few transcription there is cross inside circle instead of open symbol above hi-hat note like this :

I tried to create second hi-hat and name it ‚open hi hat’ because I assume there is no instrument on Dorico like open hi-hat because it use playing technique like adding open symbol to hi-hat.

My question is - Can I set open hi hat sound to created by my own open hi hat and Can I change size of this circle with x notehead because it’s a little bit smaller then standard hi hat cross size.

Thank You!

Hi. I don’t see why you could not do that. All you have to make sure of (for playback) is that the percussion setting is correctly made, so that it triggers the right sound — there must be a match between the percussion setting and the percussion map (instrument and playback technique).

Then you can either change the circle X noteheads in the notehead editor or create a new Large circle X notehead and apply it to this technique…
Capture d’écran 2021-09-16 à 11.00.46
Large circled notehead open hi-hat.dorico (407.5 KB)
Hope it helps

non trovo la X nel cerchio grande. Ecco il mio elenco:

…ed ecco il risultato:
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