Open hi-hat

where do I found the open Hi-hat. Can’t fand on the drum map or by new instruments?

Have you tested out the open-circle playing technique in the Unpitched Percussion section?

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i think you mean that. Non of these change the sounds

and also how can i make hear a rimshot? I think it needs the same typ of solution.

Also the rimshot can be done with the shift + alt +Arrow up. Sadly this works not for the hi-hat

Which sound set are you using?


It’s this one:


And the “PLUS” in the 2nd row is “closed”.

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wow thx. yess. That work. Is there away to display it on the scors?

Treat the circle as an articulation; select the HH note you want to sound open and then click on the circle. The symbol should appear above the note in the score and part.