Open HiHats

Do open hihats not play back?
I pressed Shift and P as suggested and selected open, this put an On above the hi hat note but it still plays back as a closed hi hat?

It works for me.
What I would check…

  • Are you using the Drum Kit provided in setup?
  • Did you choose the correct Playing Technique?
  • Are you playing through HALion, NotePerformer, or some other VST?
  • Are you using the appropriate Playback Template (or Expression Map) for your chosen VST?

Hope something there helps.

This is strange when I do it like Derrek it works fine. When I do it like Andyp13 it does not work. It also looks like the method of Derrek gives a slightly smaller o mark. In the percussion map there is for open HiHat “open 2”. So may be thats the problem somewhere and there are more opens.

The problem is that there are some duplicate entries for the Shift+P popover, so typing “open” doesn’t produce the expected playing technique. This is something I need to sort out, but it’s awkward enough to deal with that I keep putting it off, for which I apologise. In the meantime, go to Engrave > Playing Techniques, select the ‘Unpitched percussion’ category, find ‘Open’ in the list and set the ‘Popover text’ to something like “hho” (hi-hat open) and then OK the dialog. Now you’ll find that entering “hho” into the Shift+P popover works as expected.