Open in place on Google Drive

I appreciate that most of the issues with iCloud Drive have been solved in Dorico for iPad 2.4, but most of my music is on Google Drive and I’d like to edit dorico files in place in Google Drive without copying them locally on the iPad or on iCloud.
Unfortunately, files ending in .dorico look dimmed in the Files app and cannot be opened. It’s strange because .musicxml files are enabled and, when tapped on, open in Dorico.
Am I doing something wrong or is “Open in Place” in Google Drive not implemented yet?

Hi Mario, I’ve just been doing some experiments with the Windows desktop and iPad versions: (I’ll try on my Macbook tomorrow)

  1. Desktop. You must have the Google Drive desktop app installed on the PC. Drive has two modes; the first is where everything is synced from the cloud, the second is where you pick which specific files are synced. I chose the second option. I couldn’t just double click the Dorico project in Drive and get Dorico to open, nor would right-clicking and selecting “Open with Dorico” work. However, opening Dorico and importing the project from Drive worked just fine, and changes were saved back to Drive.

  2. iPad. Double tapping the project opened it in Dorico, but with the message shown below

Hope this helps

Hi RobF, in Windows I can open the files without any problems, on the iPad dorico files cannot be selected and opened, they look dimmed and if I tap or double tap on them, nothing happens

Hmm… maybe a sharing type issue, or privacy or something?

Unfortunately this appears to be a bug in the Google Drive app. We can’t do anything about it ourselves. The nature of the problem is that apps like Google Drive need to implement a component called a “file presenter” that provides access to the wider operating system to the files under management. This file presenter seems not to allow access to more than a handful of file types, and unfortunately Dorico projects are among those that are not supported.