Open last song ??

Goodmorning everyone. Some years ago, on an old version of Cubase, I could tell to the software “Open, at the start, the last song saved” (if I’m not mistaken in the preferences). I ask you: is it still possible to do it today with 9.5? And if so, how? Many thx in advance to all who will spend some minutes of their time to help me. :slight_smile:
Alex :nerd:

Yeah it’s top of the list in “recent”:slight_smile:

Or, you mean poen it automatically when you open cubase? Dont know about that, I usually jusc double click the cpr file…

That was removed some time ago.
My guess is, it was removed so that corrupt projects would not keep crashing Cubase on every load attempt.

I always wanted them to bring that option back but, that’s a good point for why they removed it. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses: .