Open letter to our customers

Dear customers,

Our philosophy is based around the company motto “Creativity First” which drives us to innovate and search for new tools and continue to develop new technologies. Failing to do so would be acting against our core values.

Tending to customer feedback is and always will be one of our top priorities. Although we may occasionally not find the time and resources to post a reply on each and every one of the threads, posts and comments across all community channels, this doesn’t mean we are not reading and listening to our customers’ sentiments. You are passionate about our products and services, and we cherish your continued support.

As we have done in the past, and as you deem necessary once again, we are now collecting your comments and suggestions from which we shall compile a list. We shall share this list with you in January, giving you the opportunity to involve yourself with prioritisation of mentioned points.

The second step will have our engineers assess feasibility of the prioritised list to see which points can be delivered up until the next major update. These will then be shared with you.

As always our paramount focus will be on ensuring stability and usability throughout implementation.

We highly appreciate your confidence in us to live up to our commitment in providing you with only the very best.

Kind regards,

Hello all,

UPDATED: Below you can find the link to the thread where the survey was posted back in January and the results of the survey:

Dear customers,

Thank you once again for taking part in our customer survey. As announced, we have investigated and discussed the outcome, which we are happy to publish here.

Please be aware that some of the requests may not have been implemented in the next version increment of Cubase. Rest assured that we’re constantly working on maintaining a good balance between exciting, new features, improved stability, workflow enhancements and fixes to deliver the best overall Cubase experience.

Thank you for taking the time to feed back to us. Stay in touch through our forum and by participating in upcoming surveys, which we regularly announce on forum and social media.

Here now the survey’s Top 5 requests

  1. Parameter undo/redo history for MixConsole
  2. Enhanced window handling
  3. Extend options to import tracks/channels in a project
  4. Extend resizing possibilities for the rack zone
  5. Basic sampler

Best regards,