Open lower zone/Insert level


Can I make a key command in C9 to open the lower zone mixer but make it open/close at the insert level not the fader level.

thanks cubasers!

I’m pretty sure you can’t. The lower zone needs more key shortcuts…

it does. as I never use faders it would be nice to have a quick open/close so I can see the inserts straight away

You can make a “Workspace” for what you want to be shown in the “Lower Zone”.

When the window looks like you want it to be:

Go to “Workspace” (at the top) and click “Add Workspace”, name the Workspace, like Lower Zone Faders. Go to “Workspace” again and open “Organize…” where you can add a Key Kommand to the Workspace you have created.

Workspaces would be a workaround, but it doesn’t smoothly transition which is really distracting to me. The windows move all over the place for a split second, even when the window just has to stay maximized.

OK, just a way to do it. I’m on Mac and it is pretty smooth when I change Workspaces.

That must be the difference, it’s really not that pleasant on Windows.

You can navigate in the lower zone using Command+Option+Left (arrow) and Command+Option+Right (arrow) for the Taps and Command+Option+Up (arrow) and Command+Option+Down (arrow) for the pages in the MixConsole tap - the small pages signs on the left. The zone has to be active.

You can also use PageUp/PageDown to move through vertical pages.

I noticed by the way that the mixer seems to remember the last page you were on so I’m not entirely sure what the problem is here.

It would be nice to have key commands to go to the inserts/ sends pages without having to be already focused on the lower zone mixer and toggling up and down

I agree. I hope every tab and page will be able to be set to a shortcut.