Open MIDI/Logical Presets as a pallet

I’ve created a lot of Logical Presets and there are times when I’m editing that I use a bunch of them one after another in quick succession. That means clicking on the MIDI menu, move down to the Logical Presets sub-menu and then selecting from a long list of presets - basically a lot of repetitive mousing around.

It would be nice if the list of presets could also be opened as a pallet. Then you could just click on the preset to run it.

Nice idea, +1

Incorporating (a modernized) macro list would fit right in with that.

Good idea. I have been meaning to organize them but I never get around to it. Some things never change in Cubase. I guess adding new features is more sexy and attracts customers but come on.

They just leave things unchanged for years and years. Are they saying it’s perfect the way it is? That aint so.

+1 back at ya

After spending the day repeatedly using a bunch of different presets, though I’d give this a