Open mp4 file?


Can Wavelab open mp4 files?
According to supported formats it can.

But when I try to open mp4 file I get this error message.
Cubase can import that video or extract audio from it just fine.
Other formats like wmv work ok.

Are you using WaveLab 9.0.20?

WaveLab Pro 9 I assume?

Yes, Wavelab 9.0.20.

What is the origin of this file? Try to change file extension to .alac, maybe that helps

Hi PG.

Changing the extension didn’t help. It did open, but it was just random noise.

The video was created by OBS screen capture software.
But I’ve tried other mp4’s so far with the same result.

x264 is a video encoder. WaveLab only supports AAC audio embedded in mp4 containers.

Ok. Thanks for the explanation.

But I only want the audio from the mp4.
So is it not possible to open audio from this type of file?
It works perfectly with wmv.

Sorry, WaveLab does not support the x264 format.

A very handy tool I use a lot is EZ CD Audio Converter - not only for file conversion but also great for CD ripping and renaming and metadata editing. It’s quite affordable, and there’s also a free 30-day trial:

But it doesn’t need to. The MP4 container can hold multiple streams of audio and video, and if WaveLab can recognise and extract the audio stream (or the default if more than one and there’s no selection dialogue) that would be enough.