Open multiple PROJECTS at same time

Is there a way to open/select to open more than one project at the same time?? It would be WAY easier to load ALL the songs/projects, used by a client, with one OPEN command. Like importing several audio files simultaneously by choosing or selecting/shift clicking, etc each. I can only select one project .cpr file at a time when opening via the hub or standard dialog box.

You can open multiple files from the Finder/Explorer.

You can have as many CPRs open at a time as ya like.

But as Sean Connery liked to say…

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE (active project)…

…which I believe is what you want.

Trust me… It’s been asked for since


It will…


Which is


But there it is.

I can’t imagine a web browser, or photo editor, or video editor or audio editor or -any- other kind of content editing/design program that only lets one work on one project at a time. If Cubase got that ability it would be THE biggest improvement since (literally)


Cue Strauss Trumpets:

It would indeed be great Suntower but I assume (I know) it’s something to do with memory (it’s quite an old software now) and it had more than one project open Cubase would simply curl up and expire…Sorry couldn’t think of any pertinent Highlander refs :frowning:

Nice… :laughing:

Regards :sunglasses: