Open new file window in the background when using SHIFT-C?

Hey guys,
I want to split a large recording into a bunch of individual files by selecting a specific part and then hitting SHIFT-C to copy that selection into a new audio file. Works perfectly. The only thing I don’t like is that WaveLab always jumps to that newly created file automatically so that each time I have to go back to my main file after hitting SHIFT-C. Is there no way to open new windows in the background? This would speed things up a lot.
Thanks in advance!

Not such option. But with F5 you are back quickly to your main file.

Great idea, PG, that’s really handy. Now is there a way in WaveLab to create some kind of macro like in Cubase that just triggers both keycommands one after another? Or is this something that can be done by using the internal script language?

Not possible. But I think this could happen in the future (via scripting)

That would be awesome. Thanks again!

If you are on a Mac you could meanwhile use the really handy App “Controller Mate” which we use with different external Keypads to trigger many different Key-Sequences.