'open' playback technique


I’m struggling to input an ‘open’ playing technique in the popover. I get the symbol ‘o’ rather than the text ‘open’. This is for brass players who are going open after a muted passage, and would be used to seeing ‘open’ as text, rather than an ‘o’. Is there a way to do this? I think I’ve done it before in an older version of Dorico.



If you go to Engrave>Playing Techniques, check the popover text set for both the ‘o’ symbol and the ‘open’ text - if I remember correctly, they might be both the same. Change one of them (probably the ‘o’ symbol, e.g. to something like ‘open symbol’ if you don’t use it much) so that the popover entry for the text version is unique and to your liking.

Thank you Lillie - that did it!