Open Project Without Plugins / With Plugins De-activated

Over the years of being with Steinberg, I have found that for the most part, crashes and blue screens and the like are usually caused by PLUGINS or iLOKS. Nuendo is a sensitive mistress, but I love her to death.

When trying to track down the problematic plugin, it’s a real pain to have to go through the folders one at a time, slowly adding back plugins until you find the right one. I think many people would agree that an open for “Open Project Without Plugins” and an option for “Open Project With Plugins Deactivated” would be an absolutely life changing addition. I can it now. It could be integrated in the Steinberg hub. A little tick box for “Open Full Project,” “Open Project With Plugins De-activated,” and “Open Project With Plugins Removed.”

At least this way, you could be SURE that the crashing issue you’re having is caused by plugins, and at the very least, you could open up a session easily and quickly so that you could fix the plugin issue later.

I know you can import audio files from sessions, which I’ll admit is nice, but it doesn’t really save anything else about the session, as I understand it. It just imports the audio files. At least this way you could open up your exact session, automation intact, panning and grouping and channel strip intact, and work in it temporarily until you can get the issue resolved. Reaper can do it, why can’t Nuendo? That’s right, I went there. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I thought of this recently because I had this exact issue happen with Nuendo 7 and Soundtoys Native 64bit. For whatever reason, their 64 bit plugins are not playing nice with Nuendo, but their 32 bit plugins are working great. I was FREAKING OUT before my session trying to figure out why Nuendo was crashing when trying to load this client’s session! I posted on the forum and (luckily) got it figured out just in time. It of course, was a plugin issue, but I didn’t realize it! It seemed like something more serious. Luckily, that’s all it was. But if this feature was available, I could have at least tested this quickly to see if it was a plugin, and then I could take steps to resolve it.

It’s really just a quicker, easier way of doing the whole “remove plugin paths,” etc. protocol.

This is a very useful feature, and I don’t understand why this is not implemented still.

Pro Tools have it and Bitwig Studio has something even better, plugin sandboxing where when a single plugin fails, it just shows a massage of which exactly plugin has crashed, and sandboxes it. The session goes on. You just reload a plugin and continue with your work.

I’m having this problem as we speak. Need to finish a mix, and the project crashes because of a plugin.


Is this a new feature in PT 12? I have never seen it in any other version.