"Open projects in las used view" doesn´t work

Hi all…this function does not work as it should. It doesn´t matter if its in “Never”, " only external projects" or Always. It saves the same last used view for all sessions. Example: If I save session “A” with the time code showing and open session “B”, session “B” will open at the same time code I saved on session “A”. But, if I save session “B” showing and then open session “A” , it will show the time code saved on session “B”. It should show the time code I saved in session “A”, right?

Am I doing something wrong or its a BUG?



W7 64bits Nuendo 7.0.30

I think you might be misunderstanding the function.

From the manual:

A workspace saves the size, position, and layout or setting of important windows and dialogs, such as the Project window, MixConsole, or Transport panel. You can define several workspaces. This allows you to quickly switch between different working modes, either through the Workspaces menu or by using key commands. You can define different workspace types that are either available for all projects on your computer or specific for one project. However, when you open a project, its last saved view is opened by default. A view is the window layout and setting that you defined for your project. The last saved view can either be a workspace view or a view that you saved without having any workspace selected. When you open an external project, the last used view on your computer is used by default.

What I understand from the manual is that the last window layout and setting I saved with the project is the one that has to show up when I open this same project regardless of what setting I save in other projects. Is that right? When I shutdown Nuendo and reopen it(whatever project I open) the time-line is always at the beginning of the session and NOT where I last saved it. In Nuendo 6.5 and before it didn´t work this way.



I think in N7 TC position is not part of “last saved view”. (Can be that is was in N5?)
And it should not be part of it. You want to change views (at least workspace views) without changing TC position.
But: I’m completely with you that Nuendo should remember the TC position in a project after closing and opening it. (I work in 90 Min feature Movies and every morning have to find ou where I stoped working yesterday…)

Thanks to bring the topic up


That is exactly what I meant ( my english is terrible , sorry) but you got it. Thank YOU :smiley: