open time signature in parts

So I’m finishing up an orchestra project and starting to work on formatting the parts. However, I’ve run into a strange issue with how the parts are being displayed. Here’s a google drive link to the Dorico project file:

At rehearsal mark 34 there is a section using an open time signature (the X meter). In the full score this displays correctly. However, in almost all of the parts the music stops displaying where the open time signature begins and just moves to the next flow. I can tell that the rest of the music from the first flow is still there in the parts since when I go into galley view I can see all the music for the whole piece for that part, but for some reason Dorico is not laying it out in page view for the parts. My guess is that perhaps this has something to do with Dorico not being able to compress the open time signature section all into one system for the parts?

Is there something I can do to force Dorico to display the rest of the music for the part?

Thanks for your help!

This looks like a really cool piece! I’ve messed around a little with the file and I don’t have much to offer unfortunately. But I did find that deleting the X time signature at rehearsal 34 seems to fix the problem. Maybe part of the issue is that this bar seems to have a lot of beats - deleting that time signature results in 49 bars of 4/4, it looks like. Maybe if you tried splitting it into smaller X bars, and hiding those extra barlines if necessary, that might help? Or figure out a way to have it not require so many beats?

Thanks for taking a look at it! I tried deleting the X time signature, deleting most of the extra 4/4 bars, and then reinserting an X time signature that covers the equivalent of 4 bars of 4/4 (so having removed 45 of the 49 extra bars). Strangely, this causes some of the parts to have the problem fixed but not others. Specifically it looks like the parts which have notes right at the start of the open time signature bar still won’t display in page view, but the parts which have nothing on the downbeat of the open bar (invisible rests or a continuation line) display correctly in page view.