Opened 7.5.3 Project in 8.0. Performance!

Just upgraded to “Pro” 8.0 hoping it would have a better performance as Steinberg so passionately advertises, but I´m disappointed.

So I opened my 7.5.3 project in 8.0 with all the same settings, preferences, latency buffer what have you… Here´s the results:

Project in 7.5.3 = CPU 40-60%
Project in 8.0 = CPU 80-90%

Is Steinberg false advertising and lying? :imp:

Also another thing I was hoping that 8.0 would be more stable. Many of my projects crash a lot of times when I close them and I have to Force Quit them. 8.0 doesn´t seem to be solving this problem either at all! Still everything crashes! :imp:

Oh and the projects crash many times also when opening them, but more often closing them.

2014 12-core Mac Pro
OS X 10.9.5

But what was the result in C8?

Or you mean the project in 7.5 used 40-60s% of the CPU compared to 8?

Project in 7.5.3 = CPU 40-60%
Project in 8.0 = CPU 80-90%

Means the same project in 7.5.3 uses only 40-60% of the CPU, but in 8.0 the project uses 80-90% CPU. That´s double!!!

Also I´ve been opening and closing projects about ten times now and I´ve had about five crashes and I´ve had to Force Quit.

Thanks. Just wanted to be sure what you meant.

For me, when pulling 7.5.3 projects into c8, I’m seeing a decrease in average CPU, but a fatal increase in real-time spikes, so even simple, 3-4 track projects with a handful of plugins are getting dropouts and clicks and pops–with accompanying graphical slow downs.

A shame.

Guess what, if you’ve got lame performance from C8, it transfers over if you open that Project in C7!

How can Steinberg be happy or proud of this release? Just wondering… :confused:

By the way, this project was only VST instruments, no audio tracks. Maybe that´s the reason? Maybe they have improved only audio performance, but while doing that they dropped the ball on VSTi performance?

I’ve heard others have reported the same problem.

I’ve just done a comparison and I’m lucky - I’m seeing a slight improved performance with C8. A test project running at around 25% -30% on C7.5.3 drops to around 20% - 25% on C8 (ASIO guard on in both cases).

The only quirk is the ‘Peak Performance’ indicator in C8 (with ASIO guard on) sits at around 0% !

Well, I’m sure Steinberg thought it was safe to release…
it just seems to be flying for some people. My guess is, the code in C8 is deeply incompatible with some processes on individuals’ rigs.
I’m sure they’ll figure it out. For those of us upgrading, we’ve got our old Cubase to rely on.
Who I’m worried for is any new users, perhaps making the leap from Logic or even Pro Tools… Just to see a possibly flaky DAW like this. :frowning:

Yeah, there ya go! Wildly different results.

For me, I thought I was seeing a performance increase, it was only when I started to get into deep editing and detailed mixing that I started to see many, many near-fatal issues.


I would recommend to contact support to try to find why performance is lower for you.
You can see here how it is working for other Forum users: - phone calls and e-mails show the same tendency on a much wider user base than that, I’m pretty confident you can get better results.

Thanks Fabio. I will.

There’s something in another thread about this. There’s a “Steinberg sound scheme” button you need to check. Check it.

I am seeing no ASIO performance improvement from 7.5.3 to 8 (no worse either!).

Only thing I notice is that my ASIO usage drops in C8 when I use ASIO Guard and if I turn off “Record Enable” on the current highlighted track. This is due to the C8 ASIO Guard’s design of playing the project back at an increased latency.

I tried the turning n the “Steinberg Audio Power scheme” option but it made my ASIO usage higher.

Even if I don’t realize an increase in performance during recording - the new ASIO Guard option still helps as it keeps me from having to tweak ASIO setting in the Device menu when switching between recording and mixing on large projects.


Okay I found something interesting!

I turned OFF the ASIO Guard and the CPU dropped back to the 40-60% CPU range in my 8.0 project. Which is really weird! With the ASIO Guard turned ON the CPU is around 80-90%.

In 7.5.3 I always had the ASIO Guard turned ON. I´ve tried turning it ON and OFF in 7.5.3, but pretty much no effect on the CPU. But in 8.0 the effect on the CPU is pretty dramatic! :confused:

I’ve personally never had any success moving large projects between different versions of Cubase.

There’s something in the way everything layers together with routing, plugins, automation etc etc that just seems to cause major CPU issues moving between versions.

I moved from a Q9550 Quad core 8GB RAM PC running Cubase 6 to a Hex core 4930K running 32GB ram running Cubase 7.5 64bit and projects made in Cubase 6 simply completely lock up the CPU 100% to total freezing of Cubase 7.5.

The new PC is some 5X more powerful yet it cannot run any large Cubase 6 projects made in the Cubase 6 on the way less powerful PC.

I’ve always had this issue moving between versions and I always buy Pro built and pro set up expensive PC Workstations.

I personally start and finish projects in the same vintage of Cubase and keep the PC it’s installed on as a back up PC (when I buy a new PC) in case I need to reopen a project.

i have tested the difference with a big project (with many vst/vsti) and im happy with cubase 8
im on windows 7 I7 quad core 8 giga ram