OpenGL glitches graphics problem in Cubase 10.5 with Mojave

Anyone here has glitches graphics problem with all plugins who used OpenGL in Cubase 10.5 Mojave MacOS?

Yes I have also had this issue and it’s become a nuisance unfortunately I’m having to stick with C10 witch doesn’t have this issue. Catalina is not an option for me currently.

Yes, this problem has started to rear its head for me in 10.5.

Yes I have this problem as well.

I’ve reached out to Steinberg support but haven’t had a reply in two weeks now.

Anyone found a solution yet?

I have the same issue here. Something is wrong with the core graphics. Console 1 is not to use in 10.5 and aud autotune advance crash cubase also. I use now 10.0.5 there is averything fine

yes, i have the same problem on Mojave 10.14.6

Here too the same problem.

There are certainly problems with graphics. Some plugins works only on my macbook screen and if I open them on the second screen cubase pro10.5 crash.

At this moment i wrote a lot of (third) plugin developers, but no one can tells if this is a cubase 10.5 problem or a Catalina problem. Also had this in mojava after the last cubase pro update to 10.5. all my software and plugins are 64 bit. Some developer thinks the library that was support before but in cubase 10.5 it is not, can be an issue.

Support at steinberg is slow at this moment. I hope steinberg and plugin developers share their issues to come fast to a fix for the problems.

In any case, share the issues with steinberg and the relevant plugin developer this can speed up de debug process.

After some research and trying things. It seems as if the crash problem has been solved with various plugins in cubase pro 10.5 in catalina. With this step :

MacOS 10.15.2
Go to : System Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Grant Disk Access
and add cubase pro 10.5 (see attachment )

At this moment i can use all the plugins without crashes. I been testing this for about 1 hour

Attachment :