opening 32bit projects -> cubase 5 64 Freezes


I just upgraded my Windows from XP 32bit to Windows 7 64bit.
I use univesal audio dsp (UAD in short ) and other normal VST’s.

Each time i load a project that i made on my win xp 32bit cubase stops loading on the same channel (channel varies depending the project), I can’t do anything, but kill it from the task manager.

Can some one help me with this?
Thanks in advanced!

Are you running 64-bit Cubase or 32-bit Cubase on your Windows 7 64-bit platform?

64-bit cubase is known to have difficulties with some 32-bit VSTs. You can try a couple things to chase it down.

  1. Try the 32-bit Cubase and see if it loads.

  2. Temporarily remove the 32-bit dlls from the VST folder(s). See if the project loads (yes you will get errors because it can’t find the VSTs).

  3. Add the VSTs one at a time until you find the culprit.

  4. See if the offending dll has a 64-bit version available.

  5. If not, look into using JBridge to bridge the offending VST.