Opening 7.5 projects in 8


Most of my projects from 7.5 will not open in 8. They get so far and just freeze. Have to use task manager to close. Wierd because a couple do open. Is this a known issue?


I haven’t had any problems opening 7.5 and older 7.x projects. Perhaps you’ve got a plug-in 8 doesn’t like?

Wow, I have so many plugins I wouldn’t know where to start. Any ideas how I could find the culprit?


I’ve had issues with AIR Music Technology instruments: C8 will not load. In 7.5, freezing these fixes the load in C8.

So, i) try freezing any VIs on 7.5 (just the VI, not the audio plugs; choose also to unload the VI), then open in V8; if OK then its one of the VIs. Check by trying to un-freeze in C8 (will crash).

ii) If no, then try the same with a full freeze of audio plugs in the strip, then same check in C8.

iii) last option, bounce and render all the tracks; disable all the VIs and plugs. This should certainly work being audio only, then you could try re-instatiating VI /plug-in tracks one by one to find the crash cause.

Otherwise, I’d probably do a clean install of v8, then work through the VI then audio plug-in installation afresh (migration from earlier versions tends to hide the issues, whereas a clean install will show up incompatible plugs immediately).

Good idea! Thanks so much I’m going to try freezing the plugs and opening it in 8.