Opening BAK File in WavelabCast

Hi there,
I have a bit of a problem going it.
I finished an episode of my podcast in Wavelab Cast and saved it as an Audiomontage. I overrode an earlier save and asked for a backup file to be created.
When I opened the Montage it showed an error message on one of the tracks: “cannot create peak file” - which is a lot of work down the drain :frowning:
So I tried for the first time to access the backup of the earlier save, but I dont seem to be able to. I dont have Cubasis and in the Manual of Wavelabcast it only says that you can save a bak file, but not how to open it again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Either on how to open the bak file or on how to get wavelabcast to create the peak file

Cheers :slight_smile:

When WaveLab can’t create a peak file, this is normally caused by the audio file opened in another application. Try to reboot the computer.

Concerning the .bak file, try to rename this extension to .wav