Opening CB In Windows 10

Hi All,
Ok, so I upgraded one of my drives to W10. I can get Cubase to launch but as soon as I try to open a song, it tells me that the required license for application Halion One FXP/FXB 02’has been disabled and to start eLicenser to validate the license. Well first of all, that application isn’t in eLicenser because it is bundled with Cubase, not purchased. Any thoughts?
For the record, yes, I have the latest eLicenser and have gone through the maintenance process.
Everything works fine with W7.


HALion One was an old plug-in used with Cubase 6 and older. It’s not recommended to use it anymore.

Make sure you have 64-bit version of HALion One installed.

I would also recommend to trigger Maintenance in the eLCC application.