Opening certain session that causes cascading error (MSVCR90

I have a certain session that when I open it, the cascading error happens. Then cubase finally crashes the fault module comes up as MSVCR90.dll - any ideas what causes this? There is only handful of plugins that i opened in other sessions to see if its them but they are not causing any issues elsewhere? Any ideas guys?

Does it open if you rename vstplugins folder

Yea it opens fine this way, im going to also try open it in C8 to see if that does the same thing, this was not happening prior to update. .

Any ideas? Its gotta be a plugin?

Prior to update of what?

I’m sure it will be a plugin…whether that plug is no longer compatible or if it just corrupted in the project is hard to say.

Its happening since 9.0.20 update, its opening fine inside of 8. Now im just a little worried i might come across other sessions of the same issue, id love to know whats actually causing it, tonight the crash error said fault module was groove agent se. So it seems to spitting out random errors.

I done u a back up save to see if that fixed it and no.

Could it maybe be that you created this project in an older version (C8?) using a 32 bit plugin? So now it crashes when opening this project in 9.0.2? I had this with one project created in an older version. I solved it by opening the project in C8.5 and save it with a 64 bit version. After opening it again in C9 I had no more crashes.

No the strange thing is this sessions was created in C9. so odd

I have in the past had issues where a plug was causing the crash but just removing it and re-adding it fixed the problem…almost as if the settings of the plug saved with the project are the thing corrupted while the plug itself works fine.

You could try copying batches of dlls over to a new vstplugins folder from the hidden/renamed one and restarting Cubase each time and if it crashes pull out last batch, try half the batch etc until you find the plug causing it.