Opening/closing - Unwanted creation of "default templates"

Every time I am opening or closing Cubase Pro 8 a new template is created in the VST Connections/Studio preset section, which has basically no connections and is called “default”. It’s not a big deal to delete them but it’s still a bit annoying.
I should have no interfering old preset-files of previous Cubase versions as I went through that routine for another problem -

Any ideas what could cause this problem?


I guess, the Default preset is created only once. If you keep it in the Studio, there is no new preset created. Or am I wrong?

I created a preset with my control room connections etc., named it “Studio A_mix_2015” and selected it. So far so good. But always when I restart Cubase it does not remember that I selected this preset and switches instead to a preset called “Default” which is always created when I close and when I open Cubase. This newly created “Default-preset” does not have any connections assigned. Means that each time I start Cubase I have to select my studio-preset (thanks god it’s stored) and also regularly delete long lists of these automatically stored “Default-presets”.


Save your own preset as “Default”, this should works.

There is a new behaviour in Cubase 8.0.20, “Default” preset is always applied, when you are creating a new project. BUT, this should be applied for Inputs and Outputs busses only (as far as I know, but maybe, I’m wrong).

In fact, this is very nice feature (for Inputs and Outputs)! Before, New roject always overtake the Inputs and Outputs settings from the previously opened project, which didn’t make much sense. Now, you can define, how should you project (Inputs and Outputs) looks like, when you create a new enpty project.

For Studio, it doesn’t make much more sense, to me. Studio should be a global settings, I would say.

Hope the way “save your preset as Default” will work to you.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your reply! I created a studio preset which I called “Default”, but unfortunately it did not change anything and Cubase still creates new “Default” presets when I open/close the program.

It’s really not a big problem and I can delete them from time to time, but I don’t think that this auto-creation of presets makes a lot of sense:)

I personally would love to have a possibility to create presets and a preset list with check-boxes beside - to change the default preset when I change to different mixing/recording environments. Like that it would be quite easy to make sure that projects always open with the correct settings on different locations. I think this wouldn’t be so bad.


So, you have more “Default” presets in the list, now? Could you send a screenshot, please?

This is how it looks. If I will close/open Cubase again new empty “Default” presets will appear.

That’s not nice…

I tried to reproduce on my system (Mac). It works as expected. Only One “Default” preset is in the list.

Thanks for your effort, Martin!

It’s not a big deal to switch to the correct template and delete the others once in a while.
A deeper investigation for the reason will most probably take more time…

I am returning here to report that the problem is solved -

I again deleted the Cubase 8 folder at AppData/Roaming/Steinberg and let it recreate at program startup.
Then I copied only some selected files which I really needed like key-commands etc. and now it works.