Opening Cubase 7 files in Cubase 12

Hey all - new to the forum.

I’ve been using Reaper for the last decade but recently went back to some old Cubase projects. I’ve frankly really enjoyed working with Cubase again and have found I’m doing things with it I didn’t before, poss thanks to Reaper sharpening my skillset/expectations.

So… I’m thinking of upgrading to 12 Pro from 7, my only concern is how well my 7 files will read in 12. I’ve got a load of old tracks I’d like to get back on top of!

Anybody have any experience or advice on this? Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Yes, Cubase 12 will read Cubase 7 project files. The only problem could be, if you were using some 32-bit plug-ins.

I would recommend to download Cubase 12 Trial (you can fully use it for 30 days) and try it on your own system, with your projects.

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Nice, thanks Martin. Suspect there’s a load of 32-bits in the project but most of the ones I own are now 64. I’m also checking re: standard Cubase track inserts and automation will read okay. Good idea re: trial!

Should add… There’s no dongle now right? I still have eLicenser for 7 and some other progs, I’m guessing that’s just not an issue?

That is correct. Cubase 12 uses a software called Activation Manager, which will be installed together with Cubase when you do the installation via the Download Assistant. All your current software will simply keep working using the eLicenser, the new software has the Activation Manager.

Nice, thanks for clarifying that JuergenP. :+1:

One other consideration regarding your 32 bit plugs. After upgrading to 12 you should end up with a license for 12 under the new system, but your dongle should end up with a license for 11 on it that will allow you to run all the previous versions. So you probably should keep a copy of Cubase 7 installed where you know those plug-ins will work as expected and can be rendered to Audio if needed.

Also fwiw folks here are saying that JBridge works fine for them to use 32-bit plugs.

That’s a great tip - nice one. I’ve had issues migrating to 64-bit before when the user presets won’t move over so yeah, rendering might be one fix. My other concern is automation, which I use a lot so :crossed_fingers: on that too.

Automation shouldn’t be a problem since they haven’t dropped support for it yet (I joke…).

Also if you run into anything weird with the old Projects you might find File>Import>Tracks from Project useful to selectively pull Tracks into a new Project.

Leave our automation alone! :smirk:

Cool, that’s a useful point too. I had to do a bit of that on a corrupted track in C7 last night (legacy plugins) and was surprised at how nicely that played. Thanks for flagging it up for those ‘in case’ situations…