Opening cubase 9.01 from an external hard drive

Hi guys and gals,

So im running low on hard drive space and have moved projects to my 2 external harddrives.

I still need to access to these in the future. However, whenever i open one it opens in cubase 8.5 as opposed to 9.01.

I have cubase 8, 8.5 and 9 installed on my imac.
Id like to open these straight into cubase 9. Any ideas?? Would be greatly appreciated

Additionally, i tried ‘back up’/‘prepare archive’ in the hope that saving it in my cubase folder would make the difference, however it still opens in 8.5.

Some of these projects were started in cubase 9 but now open 8.5

Thanks for any help

It’s a setting in the Mac that tells it what program should open what filetypes.

Thanks grim… will have a go at this tonight when i get in. Have a good day mate

Thanks again Grim… that worked a treat!!