Opening Cubase SE Projects with Cubase 8 Elements

I have 2 albums worth of songs I recorded with Cubase SE, SX’s baby brother. Originally started with Windows XP, then Windows 7. My new DAW is Windows 10 and Cubase SE doesn’t work with it. Will Cubase 8 Elements be able to open these projects? I thought I’d purchase Cubase Elements 8, so I could revisit these songs. The reason I thought I’d go with Cubase 8 instead of 9, is so I could run 32 bit plugins more easily.

Yes, you should be able to open SE files with Elements. I’ve not done it but I have opened SX files with 8 & 9 Pro.

You can get a Demo of Elements without needing a dongle and that should let you try it (though you won’t be able to get 8 on Demo now). You’ll need to find a secondhand version of 8 presumably…or as a 9.5 license would let you run 8 too you might be able to get Steinberg to send you an 8 download link if you buy the 9.5.