Opening default

C 8,5 opening defaulted to Cubase files, while in C13, the deafult is all files. How can I change default to cprs, so I don’t have to select that type each time?


I’m not sure I understand what do you mean. Could you provide an example, please?

If I go to File > open, it automatically shows ALL types of files, which could be projects, backups, wavs, midi. If I just want to see cpr files I have to tell it so, each time I open. I don’t need to see all these bak files, just cpr.

When I was in C8.5, it was the opposite, it would only show CPR files unless I wanted to see ALL files, and changed to that, as CPR only was the default, and how I would like it to be again. I would have to CHOOSe to see ALL files, like if I wanted to see a bakup or something else., NOW, I have to CHOOSE to see ONLY CPR project files.

In the current version (0.30) once you’ve changed the file type to anything (in the case you want, cpr) Cubase will remember this selection in the future.


Every time I go to open something and it shows all the baks and whatever, I choose cpr to just show those and narrow the choices. Next time it will show all again,