opening existing files in 1.1

I have just tried opening a couple of existing files(1.0.3) in 1.1 to try out its features but the display is incorrect. Note heads, time and key signatures are missing multi bar rests have a strange symbol and various other things. This is for both dorico and xml files. The files play back correctly and the titles are correct.

I am wondering if there is a new setting I am missing?

Joe Curtis

I have just realised that it will probably be to do with the new fonts system. It may catch a lot of people out.

So do I. Even then starting a new flow.
Erstellen von neuen Dateien unter Version 1.1.PNG
Laden von Dateien der Version 1.0.30.PNG

It’s a system for cache issue. Rebooting usually fixes it.

Great! Works! Thanks for this quick reply. As we say in Germany “Jeder Boot tut gut” :slight_smile:)

FWIW-- it’s probably a good idea to create duplicate copies of your dorico files before opening in the new version just in case, heaven forbid, something inadvertently gets corrupted between versions. That way you can save yourself the heartache. (A very rare issue I know, however, rather safe than sorry.)

yes, rebooting the computer solved it for me too.Thanks Paul.