Opening Key Commands, Prefences, PLE etc LAGS


This has been happening for a few versions now and I was hoping the newest 9.5.30 would fix it but it persists. I think something else must be happening.

Whenever I open Key Commands, Preferences, or when I switch presets in Project Logical Editor or Midi Logical Editor cubase halts and freezes for atleast 10-15 seconds before completing the task.

I’ve tried doing a blank session and this still happens. I don’t remember this happening in 9.5.0 but for atleast a few version before 9.5.30 it has been happening and I assumed it was just a bug that would be fixed.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions. It’s just a little annoying and time wasting lol. :smiley:

There was an issue a couple updates ago where certain pref files would get abnormally large, and it would cause that symptom. Even though the underlying issue was addressed, the affected file needs to be trashed. Defaults.xml, and UserPreferences.xml are the files if my memory serves correctly.

Thanks Steve.

That makes perfect sense. I trashed the two files and it didn’t fix the problem. Perhaps there is one more file that needs to be trashed. I’m trying to compare file sizes now to old files to see if I can find the culprit lol.

If it’s what I saw previously, the file is like 30 MB. But it might not be as simple as removing just those files. Rename the whole folder and check what happens. Do you have any Input Transformers loaded on any tracks?

Thanks Steve. Trashing the whole folder worked. I’ll slowly re-import my old preferences now. Thank you!

Glad it helped!

Symptoms occur when you install a lot of plug-ins.

Since there was no problem until 9.0.40, it is a bug since 9.5.

This is actually unrelated to what this topic addresses, so it would be best to start your own topic.