Opening Lower Zone, silences all other tracks!

All of a sudden, when i open the lower zone to play with the midi, all of my other tracks are silent unless i enable the monitor button.
I don’t recall changing any settings…

I have had some previous issues with 'ghosts in the machine ’ (Mac).
It always happened if i left my computer on without shutting down cubase. I took this up with SUPPORT, and they said that maybe some overnight background processes messed with cubase.
The previous time it happened, one of my tracks had ghost notes.
I rectified the problem by creating a new project and dragging the tracks from the suspect project to the new project… and all was well.

This morning i loaded cubase and my hub did not show the RECENTS that i had done yesterday.
Before searching my hard drive , i re-launched cubase and the recents showed up.
Other weird things have happened in the past. a few days ago, i loaded cubase and it said it couldn’t find the halion programs in my project.
I relaunched cubase and the project loaded just fine.
Its getting like i have to swallow an Ativan every morning before i start my cubase session because i never know if i;m going to be surprised by another problem.
Don’t know if this a cubase bug issue , or a Mac issue… or if maybe i should re-download the software again. (if so… i hope and imagine that my Halion program flags would not be reset to all THREES, but that would probably just happen if i re-installed halion.

Hanz Zimmer can compose whole movie scores with cubase… he must make backups like crazy.
I’m going to a Zimmer concert in poland in a couple of months… i’m sooooo stoked.


My expectation is, you open the Key Editor of the given MIDI Part. Make sure the Editor Solo is disabled, please.

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Gee… that was easy…
what do you mean by OPEN THE KEY EDITOR ? … did i do this by mistake ?
You are so helpful to me all the time, martin…
I happen to have a murphy bed in my ‘studio’ room. you are welcome to move in. My wife and I are good cooks. You could just lie in the bed when i’m composing… and just point to the screen and yell ‘Don’t do that’ !! or ; ‘Do that’…'…

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