Opening Midi Files turns guitar parts into piano parts. Why?

I am new to Dorico. I am trying to open a midi file of a guitar duet, in other words 2 guitar parts. I can only get it to open (or even import) with the guitar parts each converted to piano parts. Have tried quite hard to get it to open as guitar parts but to no avail. Probably I just don’t know the system well enough yet but can’t find a solution in the manual or anywhere else. Any help much appreciated. Roger Green

Welcome to the forum @rogergre! After importing the MIDI, if the instrument isn’t right you should be able to change the instrument into something else. Are you able to convert the piano into a guitar this way? Although as you’ve got 2 guitars being interpreted as 2 staves belonging to the same piano instrument (?) it might be easier to add 2 guitar players and copy the notes etc across. There are various large selection tools available to make this a fairly quick process.

Sometimes what the relevant channel is called in the source affects how Dorico interprets the instruments, I believe.

Many thanks, Lillie, for this quick response. I have actually just tried simply unticking the Use Split Point For Grand Staff Instruments option which you are given when you click Open. This gave me the two single staves I wanted. They are flutes rather than guitars but the notes are all correct. Now I just need to find out how to change the instrument linked to a stave. That should be straight forward, but I am on the sharp end of a steep learning curve! Thanks again - Roger Green

Sounds like both guitars are on the same MIDI channel in the MIDI file. That’s an ‘error’ in the file, rather than in Dorico’s handling.

Dorico’s ‘default’ instrument for incoming files (in the absence of any other information) is a flute. So it sounds like the MIDI file doesn’t have the correct Program Change data for guitar.

… Which I have now successfully done after following your excellent link. Getting quite excited now! Thanks so much. Roger