Opening midi part to edit shows white, blank window

Every time I double click on a midi part in order to edit I get a white, blank window.

Aloha m,
Bummer. That’s not good.

What happens when instead of double clicking on a part,
you try to open that part using ‘Open Key Editor’
from the menu bar?

In any event, I have not seen that prob posted here
and if this happens as you said:

Every time I double click

looks like a re-install might be in your future.


I am (merely) guessing that you are working in 32-bit mode, and are using at least one vst instrument that needs a lot of RAM (e.g. Kontakt 5?).
The symptoms you describe are typical when Cubase 32-bit is running low on RAM.
Is there anything preventing you from running Cubase in 64-bit mode?

I believe it’s Ram. I’m running a crap load of Kontakt 4 sounds, etc. I can run in 64bit mode but only with 4G of memory. Still using 1st Intel Mac Duo Core which runs a 32 bit kernel. I am getting around it by doing midi to audio transfers and dumbing the Kontakt tracks.