Opening old .ALL files

Hey gang, apologies as I wasn’t able to locate this answer…
I’m currently using Cubasis and have come across some very old .ALL project files from back when I used Cubase.
Wondering if there is any program available in the archives I could download to extract the MIDI info so I can ultimately import in to Cubasis? Even a trial version of something would be help.
Currently running Windows 7.
Thanks in advance for your time and assistance!

SX3 is the last version that supported ALL files, you can open it in there and save as CPR, not sure is there is still a 30 day version on the Steinberg FTP.

There were never downloadable trial versions of Cubase SX. You’ll have to either buy Cubase Artist (the license can run Cubase SE 3) or Cubase Pro (can run SX 3). Both SE and SX can open .all files.

I’m not sure, but I think a Cubase Elements license should also let you run Cubase SE 3 … but best check with Steinberg Sales before purchasing.

Negative, only Cubase versions that require an USB-eLicenser can run any version of Cubase that can open .ALL files.

Currently, this is only Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist.

A Cubase Element license can be transferred to a USB eLicenser and would offer a cheaper solution for the OP.

I said Cubase versions that require an USB-eLicenser, just moving an Elements license into one wouldn’t be enough.

I’m certain that in the past I was able to run Cubase SE 3 using an Elements license that had been transferred to a USB eLicenser, but I can’t remember what version of Elements I had at the time and I no longer have Elements. For that reason I thought it might be helpful for the OP to enquire from Steinberg Sales what the definitive situation is currently.

It would be an expensive solution to have to buy Artist + USB licenser just to convert a few .ALL files.