Opening old projects from previous versions

Hey all,
I recently upgraded to cubase 7.5. I have a project I’m trying to open which was made in cubase 5. I have several versions of the project file, but when I try to open them they kind of jam up cubase, and then it wont respond. I was wondering if anyone knows a way of getting around this, I guess there might be a plugin within the project crashing it or something.

It would be a huge shame to lose old projects like thius, please help me out if you have any ideas.

Thanks :smiley:

Temporarily Rename the plugin folder, to see if the project opens without plugins (which would indicate it´s a faulty plkugin), then by removing one plugin after the other try to find the faulty plugin.

If thinkingcap’s suggestion does not help then don’t forget to make sure all of the VST stand-alone softwares and the Cubase software itself are running with the “Run this program as administrator” privilege level option box is checked. This is accessed by right clicking the program Icon>properties>compatibility.

If not done, sometimes Cubase will hang when scanning for the VST or the VST may not even show in the list of available VST’s.

Good luck :sunglasses:

Huge thanks to you guys. I was able to get in there and salvage the audio I needed. Then I made a phony plugin folder with a couple of the instruments I had used in the track, so I could open them and salvage the presets.