Opening Older Project Issue

I use Cubase LE AI 9.5

On a previous project I recorded using a different interface, I saved the project and folder onto a separate hard drive. Tow years later, I’m now using a new interface and I’ve recorded new projects with no problem. Now, today I went to open the older folder/project from two years ago in my Cubase. And when I opened I noticed the ‘audio inputs’ are NOT CONNECTED.

Yet when I open a recent recording I’ve done using my new interface, all opens fine and with no issue of no audio connection, yet every time I open the older project, I get the same message of ‘not connected’. So what has happened and how do I open an older project in my Cubase?

Or is there a way to import the older folder into my Cubase without the need to doing it this way?

The VST connections are saved in the project file, so it’s to expected that you’ll see the outputs not connected as the connection leads to an interface/driver that’s not present on your system anymore.

Once you’ve reconnected the outputs and save it, the problem is gone. No other way than doing this for each and every project.

VST connections can be saved and loaded, so proper connection is literally only one mouse click away.

Thanks for the reply.

Once you’ve reconnected the outputs and save it, <
Do you mean by reconnecting within my Cubase ‘audio input connections’ tab?

Yes, exactly. Reconnect, save cpr, done.

Thank you for your help. I did this and all worked great. But one problem, my original older project folder is saved on my external hard drive. Now when I went to open this project into my Cubase folder on my main computer, (which is where I saved the folder now with the audio connections fixed) and without the hard drive connected to it it would open missing all the audio events! I had to connect my hard drive again so that the computer found the files on the hard drove in order to import them into the project. Why is this so? Why can’t I have my resaved version open on my computer without the need to have my external hard drive always connected?

Let me repeat what I understand: you have the projects (.cpr-files) on your new drive but not the audio files (still on the external drive). Right?

If so, open the project and define where to find the audio files - as you did. Open the Pool window, right click and choose ‘Prepare Archive’. All external audio files (marked with a green X in a black box) will be copied to the current project folder. After saving, there’s no more need to connect the external drive as the paths to the files (stored in .cpr) now link to the files in the new folder.

Let me repeat what I understand: you have the projects (.cpr-files) on your new drive but not the audio files (still on the external drive). Right?<

I have all my cpr. files on my external drive as well as the audio files within those projects.

I have opened the cpr. files (while my external drive is connected to my computer) on my new computer. Then I have saved these same cpr.files and audio files into my Cubase Project Folders on my new computer.
I have then removed the external file as I would not be needing them again, and opened up the newly saved projects on my new computer but it asks me for location of the folder, which should be on my new folder. Yet if I continue to open it, it opens with missing audio files and events. The only way it opens with everything is if I reconnect the external drive.

Just a guess: while the external drive was connected the .cpr read out the path to the audiofiles (which are still leading to the external drive). Saving the project-cpr to the new drive doesn’t change the path automatically.

Open a project without having the external drive connected. Probably you’ll get the ‘missing audio files’ message. Now search on the new drive (if they’re all there, the project will just open). Now save again and your problems should be gone.

Thank you for your help, much appreciated.