Opening previous versions of .cpr extensions

i have created .cpr projects with Cubase SX1 some years ago. after a few years of not being able to do much with my projects ( lack of time ) i recently got back into music creation with the purchase of cubase 5 essential. it’s been so long that i actually forgot that we can’t open files made with the most expensive versions of cubase with the cheaper versions like essential !!!
yes i know…silly me…but i have already bought essential 5…so what’s done is done.

i know that to fix this problem i can…

  1. upgrade to cubase 5 ( if i had the money, i would not have pruchased essential 5 to begin with )

  2. Re-draw every single note or drum hit…one by one…( wich will take me a year ! lol )

what are my options at this point…if any at all ?

Thank you :astonished:)

P.S. my old projects do not contain audio tracks, automation, effects, or anything fancy…just midi notes…piano roll and drum maps etc…

The way I see it, as you already said:

  1. Option: find someone with a version that opens the SX files, and extracts the data for you…
  1. If you still have the installation disks and codes and whatever and all you have created is MIDI projects, try install the old program again, open your projects one by one and export MIDI files.
  2. Check whether Cubase Artist 6 can open your files and consider an upgrade. A new box with Artist is half the price of Cubase Full and maybe you can shave even more $$$ if it’s possible to upgrade?

Thank you HowlingUlf and thinkingcap…i’ll give those a shot :smiley: