Opening Project

I am relativeIy new to using Cubase Pro 12. When I try to open a Cubase Pro 12 generated project from my file folder it insists on opening in Cubase Elements 11 and obviously it can’t recognise certain features that Pro 12 uses that 11 does not!

Is there some way I can direct all my pro 12 projects to the correct version without having to open from the hub everytime?

Thanks for your time.

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This is your OS setup. In Windows or macOS you can set, which application is going to be used for every file type. Please choose Cubase Pro 12 for *.cpr files.

Thanks Martin I’ll give it a go!

Sorry Martin gone to computer and not got a clue about OS. I don’t want to mess with it in case I do more damage so unless it’s an easy fix I’ll stick with the Hub for access.


Do you use Windows or macOS?

Windows 10.


If you right-click any *.cpr file and choose Properties, I believe there is a place where to choose which application should open the file. And I believe you can enable the option to use this application for all files of this extension.

Sorry, I’m not Windows user.

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Found it Martin thank you. Having set to Cubase 12 it now opens my older files from elements 10.5 to date so an added bonus! Many thanks for your help. Regards, Pete