Opening Score Editor causes N7.1 to crash

Title says it all. I select a MIDI channel, select the data event, then open the score editor to view the transcription and Nuendo spits out this message (see screen shot).

:open_mouth: What’s that about?

While we’re on this subject, once we sort out this problem, can anyone tell me how to print the score? I can’t find anything in the manual on how to o this. I used every search parameter I could think of and I went through the entire chapter on the editor, but I never saw anything. Do I have to export the file and translate it into something readable by a notation software?

I can’t help you with your crash, but to print a score have a look in the PRINTED operation manual at page 1312 - Printing from the score Editor.

Essentially, you have to :

Select the Scores menu.
Then activate Page Mode (printing is only possible in Page mode).
Then select Page Setup from the File menu and make all your printer settings and close the dialog.
Then select Print from the File menu and print from there. If no printer is connected, it will save the document to a file which can be printed somewhere else.

Note: The system only seems to create .XPS files which most printers can read although you may need to download a reader of some sort.

Hope this helps.

Okay, thanks a lot. Anybody else have any idea about why it keeps crashing just from launching the score editor (and ONLY the score editor! Any other editor works fine.)?

This is most likely due to a corrupt layout. You can delete it by accessing the Score Settings dialog and delete the layout, or all the layouts if you haven’t formatted anything yet. You can create a new track and midi part to access that dialog if Nuendo isn’t letting you do anything in the one you posted about.

As far as printing, Cubendo will print to whatever driver you have installed, xps, pdf, real printer or whatever.

Well, this is an interesting turn. If I select a MIDI event and then select MIDI (at top of the tool bar) > Open Score Editor, it doesn’t crash. But if I select Scores (right next to MIDI on the tool bar) DIRECTLY, N7 will crash, regardless of which project I’m in! :open_mouth:
I can get it to work via the KC or from my MC control without crashing. But if I access it from that Scores menu in the toolbar, it crashes.

Is this a bug?

  1. Select MIDI event
  2. Go to Mixer Window Toolbar and select SCORES
  3. N7 CRASHES leaving that message shown in the screenshot in thread opening.
    Can someone else try this and confirm?

You have a “Scores” item in your mixer window toolbar? Maybe you mean the menu bar of a maximized mixer? :wink:

Please, do what I suggested, then report back. Otherwise you’re just confusing the issue.

Okay, I mean the very top of the screen, where the Nuendo logo is.

It’s the 6th item to the right of the logo.

Like I said.

It didn’t work. I deleted the layout in the score settings dialog window.That window is now empty. there are NO layouts. I selected another MIDI event and selected open the score editor. Nuendo crashed and gave me that same error message.

If you want to troubleshoot try it with prefs disabled by renaming the prefs folder to rule out corrupt prefs, then do this:

  1. New Empty Project, new midi track, new midi part on that track
  2. open part in Score Edit via the the same menu you referenced

If Nuendo crashes it’s possible there’s a bug.