opening seperate key editor windows (this worked on previous version)

so ive just come from nuendo 4 to cubase 9.5

alot of things are bothering me but this is insane.

when i double click on a midi part, it opens up the key editor. great. i put it on the third monitor. now, i want to open up another midi part. IT REPLACES THE ALREADY OPEN KEY EDITOR WITH THE NEW PART.

it doesnt open a new one, like it always did. i want to have the two key editor windows side by side. (or even THREE key editor windows for that matter) now its just one window???

please help or i will be forced to return the software.

futhermore is this forum dead ? i posted before and no replies also ive submitted two tickets already and its been 5 days and no response. what is going on i feel a bit distraught


Uncheck “Editor contents follow event selection”

Tip: When things start behaving different than they used to, it often is a Preference got changed. Not always by any means, but often enough to always be worth taking a peek.

Yes thank you this worked. Got panic there. Still a few things that I feel is annoying but it’s OK to work around. I’m gonna keep cubase for now