Opening SX3 projects

Hi all, just looking for a bit of advice here on opening some old SX3 projects.
I’m running an i7 intel Imac with full versions of Cubase 5 and more recently 9, I also have SX3 I installed but a hard drive failure repair came back to me with an updated OS which meant SX3 would no longer function. Basically I’m looking to revisit a few old projects and was wondering how best to open the SX3 (.all) projects?
If it helps I still have an old Dell PC which also has SX3 installed, would the best course of action be to install C5 onto that and save as C5 versions or try to get a loan of an older PPC mac and install C5 onto that?

Many thanks in advance


SX3 was the last version to support both .all and the new cpr files so that’s what you need to use.

You need to Import them into SX3, save as cpr and then you’ll be able to open them on Cubase 5 and later.

Thanks, will have a crack at this tonight…God knows how well the PC will fire up!

Just a quick update for anyone in the same boat.
The .all projects were actually older VST5 versions which will import into later Cubase versions as indicated by planarchist.
Even though they were PC files I was able to open them on an older mac running OSX 10.5 and convert them to .cpr files.


There’s also a sticky at the top of this forum:
Cubase VST Song import in Cubase 7: a solution
I’ve also gotten SX3 to work on Windows 10 by simply copying over the folder from an old XP installation (i.e., don’t run the installer). It doesn’t matter if not everything works, you only need it to load the .all files and save them as .cpr. Your eLicenser will allow all older versions to run.