Opening template crashes Cubase. What should I do?

The template has about 200 tracks, of which all are deactivated except for four HALion Sonic SE piano tracks. The deactivated tracks are routed to group busses which have Vss2 and QL Spaces reverb on them. These are the only features of the template.

I made some updates to the template a week ago. I can’t remember exactly what I did, but I think I only reordered some tracks in the track-list. Now, whenever I open the template, Cubase crashes. Deleting prefs doesn’t help.

What are some steps I can take to resolving the crash or recovering the template?

Update: I’ve realized the problem was with QL Spaces.

I discovered this by temporarily removing the QL Spaces component and vat file from my Plug-ins folder in root > library > Audio.

But now… How to get QL Spaces to work?

Update 2: Apparently, though, when I active a PLAY track, the project crashes…

Update 3: Reinstalling PLAY and QL Spaces has solved all issues.